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Do. 01.Okt 2020





Leonie Mikkie




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Leider haben wir wegen Corona nur 15 Sitzplätze im Prinz Willy.
Eine Reservierung ist unter.
info@prinzwilly.de möglich.

Wir können aber leider nur ca. 15 Gäste zum Konzert in das Prinz Willy rein lassen, sodas die Corona Regeln eingehalten werden können. Ihr könnt gerne unter info@prinzwilly.de Plätze reservieren.

LEONIE MIKKIE is a singer-songwriter and pianist based in Berlin. From the age of four, she studied
classical piano and as a teenager started performing as a solo pianist. By 17, she produced and
arranged her debut CD in Graz, Austria with Austrian songwriter, Erwin R. Shortly thereafter, she started
performing as a singer-songwriter around Berlin, as well as all over Germany. Becoming a true travel
enthusiast, she has managed to spread her music all over the globe, from Israel to Cambodia, which
gives her songs an authentic and cosmopolitan style. Her classical piano education naturally supports
her compositions of versatile harmonies and melodies. She combines thoughtful lyrics in both English
and German with a unique sound fitting for her fragile voice.
By 2017, she had played over 40 concerts in Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and
Switzerland, among others, as a support act for the indie pop group "Mattia Caroli & Fiori del Male"
based in Italy. She was subsequently on three further tours with the band. In February 2018, she went on
her first solo tour through Italy and released her EP and the music video for “Chamber of Secrets” via
ToXRox Music Production in Berlin. In the spring of 2020, she came out with a self-produced and
arranged song and video. "What Matters" is thematizing her experience with the pandemic and the
lockdown of COVID-19 in Germany.
Hearing her live is an experience which will easily transport you into a puzzling world of her very inner
thoughts and personal stories!


Foto: Jörg Dumkow



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