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Photo by Martin Valentin Menke Make-up by Cathy Guilleux – mit Martin Valentin Menke und Cathy Guilleux


Sa. 24.Nov 2018




Alice Rose & Jamie Collier




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Alice Rose
Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Alice Rose plays and sings beautiful, mesmerizing and thoroughly modern music that captures the essense of the old world and the new. Her one-woman performances, her stunning vocals, her jugglers skill using samplers, computer, beat boxes, strings, casios, keyboards, harmonicas and toys--all come together in a delicious concoction of electro-folk--equal parts trip-hop, pop, electronica and dance. She is a true adventurer in the music world today and is constantly exploring new ground.

Alice's repertoire spans from folky, easy-listening to modern electro, from lo-fi experimental to uptempo dance. No matter the genre, the songs and lyrics take the listener to emotional heights and depths that go beyond superfical pop candy.
Now based in Berlin, Germany, Alice has performed all over Europe on stages large and small, including the Roskilde, Lowlands and Pukkelpop festivals. Her shows are memorable for their unique musical style, her viola playing and a voice that goes from sweet angelic to hard and wild... they are always fun and unpredictable. The core of Alice Rose is a one-woman act but she is often joined on stage (and in the studio) by guest musicians and their instruments. She loves to collaborate and was succesful with the hit track, "I know Change" with Jaap Ligthart in 2015 on the label, Selador 

Aside from her singer-songwriter act, Alice also produces techno and house music under the moniker, Tiger Rose. In addition she is often featured as a guest vocalist and musician with numerous music acts.

Latest album:
New album is in the making, "what to do in the Rain". Coming out in 2018.

All produced in Berlin, with autoharp, guitars, cello, viola and guest musicians. It will be a wonderful heartful folk-pop album, co-produced with New Zealand, Berlin based musician, Jamie Collier.

Website | http://www.alicerosemusic.com
Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/user/alicerose
Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/alicerosemusic/


Jamie Collier MUSIC

Coming from New Zealand and now living as a musician and studio engineer in Berlin, Jamie Collier has been through the tumble-washer of the busking scenes, and seen countless performances shape his songwriting to where it stands today. 

Jamie Collier ist ein Sänger/Liedermacher in der Art von Neil Young, Gillian Welch und Tom Waits. Er spielt Akustische Gitarre, normalerweise im Picking-Stil mit einem sensibler Alto vokal.

Jamie kommt aus Neuseeland, seine musikalische Reise hat ihn um die halbe Welt gebracht. Viele Alben und unzählige Auftritte haben sein Songwriting einzigartig geprägt. Jamie Colliers Stil lehnt sich an Folk, Alt-Country und klassische Americana.

Seine Gitarre und auch seine lyrische Arbeit werden zu einer komplexen Einfachheit verfeinert. Starke Gesangsmelodien sind durchgängig gewebt. und dies schafft eine fesselnde Leistung des Geschichtenerzählens im Lied.

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/jamiecolliermusic/
Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNwuYstlH4poDdUJ7ac4WKQ
Bandcamp | jamiecollier.bandcamp.com

Photo by Martin Valentin Menke 
Make-up by Cathy Guilleux – mit Martin Valentin Menke und Cathy Guilleux



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