Kulturzentrale Kiel-Süd Lutherstrasse 9 24114 Kiel info@prinzwilly.de Der Musiker ist König! Wir sind Prinz. Stadtgestaltung vom Feinsten
                                 Kulturzentrale Kiel-SüdLutherstrasse 9 24114 Kielinfo@prinzwilly.de Der Musiker ist König! Wir sind Prinz. Stadtgestaltung vom Feinsten


Sa. 25.Mai 2019




Kety Fusco
Electric/Minimal with Harp




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Kety Fusco started playing the harp at the age of 8, and she graduated in 2011 at the Conservatorio di Brescia. In 2016 she completed her Master Degree in Music Performance at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano. She took part to several training courses for her instrument and other masterclasses, among which the Corso di formazione per autori held by Giulio Mogol and promoted by Regione Lombardia at the Centro europeo in Toscolano (Italy). She currently teaches harp in different music schools and academies in the Italian part of Switzerland. She has performed in non classical areas as well, with Peter Kernel – group which has been nominated at the Music Swiss Prize 2016 - with the cello player Zeno Gabaglio and with the writer Alberto Nessi (Gran Premio svizzero di letteratura 2016). She has composed songs for radio-dramas for the Radiotelevisione Svizzera and in theatrical area she took part to the production of Samuel Becket's Aspettando Godot. She has recently embraced a personal composing path with electric harp, synthesizers and live electronics, for a language which is mixing and melting classical, experimental and alternative-popular music. In 2017 several tours in Europe in important festivals such as Les Rockomotives in Vendôme (she will be back this year with her solo project) (France) and Hop Pop Hop Festival in Orleans (Francia), or in historical places such as Moods in Zurich, Petit Bain in Paris, L’Antipode in Rennes, Atelier 210 in Bruxelles, sharing the stage with musicians such as Yann Tiersen, Julian Sartorius and Rebeka Warrior. On August 1st 2018 she has been invited to play the Swiss national anthem at the opening ceremony for the Locarno International Film Festival in front of the President of the Swiss Confederation and an audience of 8000 people.

Website www.ketyfusco.com
Bandcamp https://ketyfusco.bandcamp.com
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrA9xi0IxF-2JHUbzPZqxGA
Mx3 https://mx3.ch/ketyfusco

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ketyfusco/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ketyfusco/
Twitter https://twitter.com/KetyFusco



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