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Donnerstag - Samstag19:00 - 00:00


Sa. 03.Mär 2018




Courtney Yasmineh (New York)




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Courtney Yasmineh left Chicago as a teenager to escape a disintegrating family situation and holed up in Northern Minnesota, where she studied the music of Bob Dylan while developing her own songwriting skills. Moving to Minneapolis she further developed her craft and in the last decade has recorded several albums and EPs with an all star cast of musicians including drummers Michael Baker and Charley Drayton. She spent two years living in NYC where she recorded her break out Red Letter Day album, and gathered a loyal East Coast following. All along the way she has toured extensively in the US and Europe, doing all the booking and arrangements herself. In 2016 she returned to Minneapolis to write the novel that is now slated for a May 2017 release through Gibson House Press out of Chicago as part of a four book series. The novel and series are based on her experience as a young songwriter out on her own. She also wrote the songs for her seventh album and began recording with her long time collaborator, producer Rob Genadek. The new songs are being hailed as her finest yet and the new album releases later in 2017 as well. 
Courtney writes rock and roll songs for our times and for all ages, with an honesty that draws from life’s victories and vicissitudes: bittersweet, blistering, fanciful, and hopeful. She delivers her songs with a hard won intensity of spirit and a voice that is memorable for it’s expressiveness and depth.
Courtney is currently touring as a duo with Rob Genadek on drums and backing vocals and their set lists span her seven albums of original material plus wide ranging and surprising cover choices from artists as diverse as John Prine and Beyonce.

Musical influences:
Bob Dylan

(website includes links to all social media as well)

Press quotes:

Rochester NY City Magazine
"In a flash of DIY and musical moxy, Chicago-born musician Courtney Yasmineh is truly an alternative to the alternative with her quirky take on what would be pop if it came out of anyone else. There’s antagonism and mirth-o-plenty in her tunes. Hell, I even hear some new wave in there, too.” Frank De Blase 



Foto: Christina Bowers