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                                 Kulturzentrale Kiel-SüdLutherstrasse 9 24114 Kielinfo@prinzwilly.de Der Musiker ist König! Wir sind Prinz. Stadtgestaltung vom Feinsten


Fr. 07.Jun 2019




Erika Kulnys (Kanada)




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Erika Kulnys opens hearts with her powerful voice and blend of folk, rock, and classically influenced songwriting. Her writing has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Suzanne Vega and Joni Mitchell and her album, Rise Up was Top Ten in Canada for 2016 on Folk/Roots Charts. Erika's music is interested in deconstructing the other, inspiring transformation, and being true to ourselves and our planet. Erika has won many awards for her songwriting, including a Nova Scotia Music Award, First Prize People's Music Network Social Justice Songs, First Place, Cork Folk Festival's Songwriting Competition, finalist Canada South Songwriting Contest, finalist International Acoustic Music Awards, and semi-finalist Searchlight CBC. Erika won a Watson Fellowship to study social justice music internationally and won the 2016 Canadian Voice of Women for Peace's Youth Award for Peace, along with El Jones, for working towards a more peaceful culture through the arts. Erika has played Festivals such as the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, The World Social Forum, and Lunenburg Folk Harbour, and her live performance are entertaining, witty and deeply moving. Her music has been played internationally including CBC's As it Happens, NPR, Sirius XM, and BBC. 

Here are a few links to my music
Rise Up: https://www.facebook.com/erikakulnysmusic/videos/10154203903532974/

I'm on Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfjgdpBxeUA

Keep Your Feet Moving http://erikakulnys.com/music/rise-up/track/keep-your-feet-moving/

You Make Me Grow: http://erikakulnys.com/music/year-of-the-water-snake/track/you-make-me-grow/

Press Quotes

"Sometimes an artist possesses a voice that reaches out and seduces your senses, Erika Kulnys has one of those voices. Her album, ‘Rise Up’ is overflowing with that vocal seduction – and it’s a temptation that’s all to easy to give way to. Let’s be honest here, there’s no way you can hear that voice without falling under its spell. The depths of engrossing story-telling that pervade every track on this album are so strong it’s almost possible to reach out and touch their intensity.

Erika’s vocal expression is matched by her ability to write lyrics that are equally capable of making you feel warm and fuzzy, rip at your heart, or make you take stock and think (and think hard). The lusciousness of ‘I’m On Fire’, the subtle endearment of ‘Love Me In The Morning’, the entreaty to ‘Keep Your Feet Moving’ or the personal reflection of ‘Carolina’ – each make their presence felt in no uncertain terms. Being honest once more, there’s not a track on this album that sounds like a ‘filler’ – each poetic lyric and catching melody brings home a narrative of power and presence.

For me, the stand out song among so much excellence is the charismatic dignity of the title track ‘Rise Up’ – to find out if you agree visit Erika’s website and buy the album: erikakulnys.com" 

-Folkwords, UK


"...this Halifax native is running on all cylinders and drawing from a broad range of musical genres to create a pastiche of songs that speak with passion, with humor and above all, with love. 

-Sam Schreiber, New York indie reviewer

“By possessing the ingenious intellect and activist zeal of Ani DiFranco combined with the poetic skepticism of Leonard Cohen, Kulnys is artfully cementing her place in the history books of artistic heroes of our time.” 

– Shannon Webb-Campbell, Canadian Music Journalist

"The Music Room in Halifax was packed to overflowing last Friday night for the cd launch of Hurricane by the amazing Erika Kulnys. Erika and her group of talented musicians wowed us for two and a half hours of music, most of it written by Erika. This Halifax daughter is destined to be our next Sarah McLachlan."

By Terry Paul Choyce, DJ, CDKU

“Erika Kulnys Rise Up Self Release

The possessor of a quite extraordinary voice, Rise Up, the seventh studio album by Kulnys, finds the Nova Scotia resident in fine form reflecting on matters worldly as well as closer to home.

The album’s twelve tracks, all penned by Kulnys, are both personal (Love Me In The Morning, Carolina, Love’s Not Wasted) and political (Rise Up, Roaring For A Revolution), the common bond being the quality of the story telling and that heart stirring vocal that dips and soars effortlessly throughout.

The aforementioned Roaring For A Revolution, the cream of the crop, bears a healthy relation to Anais Mitchell in style and indeed delivery. Kulnys powerful and soaring vocal is the winner here without doubt, bringing the poignant lyrics and melody to life.

Equally comfortable singing the blues on I’m On Fire or folk ballads such as Angel On The Road and Honeysuckle the album as a whole reinforces the versatility and rounded talent of an artist well worth checking out. "

-Lonesome Highway, Ireland

"There were twelve amazing songs presented and each was unique and important. The topics we heard addressed concerns such as racist policing, homophobia, climate issues and political commitment among other issues. 

Wanda and I chose the song Rise Up created by Erika Kulnys. This song stood out as it addressed the commitment each of us can make to create a better world. The stirring lyrics touched on many social issues and asks the listener – “where were you?” After hearing Erika’s performance, the question in my mind became “where ARE you?” “Rise Up” is an anthem for empowering each of us to stand up and make our voices heard. Erika’s voice and words serve to inspire and connect people to join in the many struggles still to be fought."

-Ron Olesko, DJ, WFDU, NJ, published in Sing Out Magazine 2016





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