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Donnerstag - Samstag19:00 - 00:00


Sa. 28.Apr 2018


Konzert / Party


MUDDI Markt Warm-up mit:Joel Havea (Australien)

Ab 23 Uhr Silent Disco // DJ GAZI // Indie-Rock




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro für den MUDDI Markt und für den Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Der Eintritt fließt zu 100% in unseren gemeinnützigen MUDDI Markt e.V. und somit in eure Kieler Woche!




Die australische Lässigkeit des Joel Havea

Joel Havea kommt eigentlich aus Australien. Vor wenigen Jahren kam er nach Hamburg und blieb. In seinem Lied "Going Gone" bringt er einen Hauch australische Lässigkeit nach Deutschland.

Joel Havea is a man of many talents. A skilled songwriter, natural singer, great guitarist and an overall engaging performer whose songs demonstrate his wide ranging musical and cultural influences. With his unique background, Joel is certainly well prepared to handle the impressive new heights being reached by his music.

Coming from the vibrant, eclectic music scene in Australia’s cultural capital of Melbourne, Joel cut his teeth playing live from a young age, as part of “the Havea Brothers” duo with his younger brother Dave. In the process, he developed his own brand of reggae infused acoustic song-writing with pop sensibilities, no doubt also influenced by his mixed Tongan and Dutch heritage. After some extensive world travel, including playing gigs throughout Asia and Europe, Joel found a new home in Hamburg, Germany, and set to work warming up the chilly city’s music venues with his ready smile and heartfelt delivery.

Since the release of his well-received debut album ‘You Make Me Believe’ in 2012, Joel has not been content to rest on his laurels. Following successful solo tours of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand in 2012-13, Joel hit the studio in late 2013 to record his eagerly anticipated new EP titled ‘Strings & Wood’, which was released in May 2014. The acoustic EP, recorded primarily with guitar, percussion and double bass, displayed a sound more reminiscent of his energetic live acoustic performances.

Since then, in between constant touring in Europe and Australia, Joel has also also been working on his new album in a trio band formation with Leo Lazar (drums) and Arnd Geise (bass). The chemistry between these 3 musicians is palpable on stage and in the studio and this dynamic rhythm section adds a high-octane boost to Joel’s music, which is best experienced live. So do yourself a favour and come down to down to a show to check it out for yourself, great times and funky vibes are guaranteed!





Ab 23 Uhr Silent Disco // DJ GAZI // Indie-Rock

Was ist eine Silent Disco?
Silent Disco ist die Bezeichnung für eine Disco, bei der Menschen zu Musik tanzen, die sie über kabellose Kopfhörer hören. Anstelle der Verwendung eines Lautsprecher-Systems, wird die Musik über einen FM-Transmitter an die drahtlosen Kopfhörer der Teilnehmer gesendet. ...