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Liebe Gäste und Freunde vom Prinz Willy,erst einmal mussten wir unsere Konzerte bis zum 19.04. absagen.Wie es dann weiter geht wissen wir noch nicht. Falls Ihr uns unterstützen möchtet?! Sehr gerne. :)Viele liebe Grüße und bleibt weiterhin gesund! Verein zur Förderung der kulturellen Vielfalt Kiel e.V.IBAN:DE59 2105 0170 1001 6757 09BLZBIC: NOLADE21KIEInstitut: Förde Sparkasse                           Kulturzentrale Kiel-Südim Kieler Sceneviertel  Lutherstrasse 9 Der Gast ist König.Wir sind Prinz.  


Sa. 11.Apr 2020




Mute Swimmer & Own Road (UK)




20:00 Uhr


1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.


Mute Swimmer is a musical project of British artist Guy Dale. Through numerous releases and a
shifting cast of collaborators and players Dale has been shooting his fascination with the lyrical
song through art performance, folk, post rock, new wave, ambient drone and spoken word.
He has described Mute Swimmer as a character of sabotage - frequently upending expectations
of the ‘singer-songwriter’ by playing with the form in different musical contexts and taking the
process of writing and moment of performance itself as a subject. As such his songs often enter
uniquely into the real time of performance - addressing the listener directly in the present tense.
Romantic, ironic and hauntingly melancholic by rapid turns he has earned a reputation for his
compelling, idiosyncratic live performances and recordings.
Old Love a collaboration with Copenhagen based musician Own Road was released on Dendron
Records in 2018. Air Itself - a meditative suite of song-scapes channeled Dale’s poetic,
ambivalent lyricism through ambient folk, field recording and lo-fi drone. Present Perfect (2015)
and Second (2014) - recorded as a four piece ‘art rock’ band - received airplay on BBC 6 Music
(UK), Byte FM (Germany) and Radio Tres (Spain). Seven inch single Song Against Itself (2011)
was record of the week at Rough Trade and Piccadilly Records. Other releases include Old
Tricks (2013), Orientation (2011) and the eponymous debut Mute Swimmer (2010).
Mute Swimmer has released music on Truco Espárrago, Dendron, Woodland and Bleeding Heart


Own Road is Simon Skjødt Jensen’s one-man band. Based in Copenhagen Simon's music exists
in a twilight space between American folk music, singer-songwriter and psychedelica. With a
beautiful voice (sometimes through the use of looping vocal effects), guitars, percussion and more
exotic instruments Simon’s compositions move effortlessly between anxiety, melodic beauty and
otherworldly abandon. The music is at once archaically familiar and utterly contemporary. His
eponymous debut was released in 2010 to great critical acclaim. Besides numerous releases of
EPs, splits- and different projects, the second album was released in 2013 and in 2018 two new
albums were released – ‘Old Love’ – a split album with Mute Swimmer (UK) and ‘Another Country’
a folky solo album. Own Road has played many concerts in different countries and places, big and
small and supported artists as different as Lee Ranaldo, Scout Niblett, Jerusalem In My Heart, The

Handsome Family & Jessica Pratt.


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